Entry #9

When did that happen?

2011-02-11 08:52:58 by BurningRiverStudio

Found a new artist in the portal today and wanted to fav him but found that that isn't possible anymore. When did that option go away? Is it ever coming back?


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2011-02-11 12:49:26

I assume you're talking about the Art Portal. I don't think it's possible to add an artist or his/her artwork to your favorites unless the artist is scouted. :(

BurningRiverStudio responds:

Well, actually I was referring to flash artists. But it's ok now because someone sent me a note and told me how to find the icon for faving the author of a flash (I didn't see it earlier because I was too focused on how the fav link *used* to look).

Thanks for the reply, though. :)