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Joke may be too subtle for some

I can see the effort you put into this and congratulate you on getting over your shyness. Your English is fine. Don't be surprised, though, if a number of people don't quite get the connection between an individual crab and the astrological sign of "Cancer".

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


It's good to see flash on NG that isn't all about gore or sex. The images were nice and the animation was smooth (always nice to see good animation). One question- why couldn't the son give his father both the gift he had brought AND the hug?

Diives responds:

Well, the true is, it was for the twist, and for show the true meaning of Christmas most stronger. if he gives the gift to his father, and the hug, the meaning maybe would not show so strong.

Thanks for the comment :)
Happy christmas :)!


Considering that the file size is under 200Kb this is impressive. It could be fleshed out some and made longer- I'd be interested in seeing you do somethig similar with a clear story line.

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It would be better if the player could look at the completed image for a few seconds before switching off to the "You won" panel. Or maybe you could have the "you won" appear in a layer above the picture.

It's a good start. Would be more interesting if there were objects to find or other characters to interact with. Eventually I deliberately jumped off the platform and that was sort of interesting.


Good job. Graphics are pleasant to look at. The very first few levels are perhaps too easy but it does become progressivly more challenging.

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Nice dissonance. It sounds very similar in places
to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata".

Taranos responds:

First, thanks for reviewing, I like to hear other's oppinions, be it bad or good. Second, I just clicked on that "play this song" feature. It doesen't sound the same, and the effects (e.g. increase speed/volume etc) don't take place, so I suggest to download the song to hear how it's meant to be heard. About "Moonlight Sonata", yes I got inspired by that song, though where I heard/saw that song it had a different name. Except for the Piano melody, everything is original. Thanks again for reviewing.


Your stuff is nice, but i'm not sure why you're
complaining about a lack of respect; your files
are still getting used by flash artists, and
isn't that what the audio portal is supposed to
be about- making sound files that flash creators
want to use?

ZeRo-BaSs responds:

Man...without offence...u are an idiot ^^
Lets see...
Nr of downloads= 0 lets try to click on the download button...omg..the Ng staff today has disabled the downloads..no1 has hearded this song yet..DAMN WHY U VOTED 7? U DIDN'T EVEN DOWNLOADED THE SONG!
and i gotta say something more....
this is my last submission on NG because:

1.My music is becoming too good for this (without offence) "lamers and omg i hav voted zerO yay!" audio portal...i just respect few cool guys...

2.I have received some contract offerts by some small labels...i'll probably make a CD...here myskillz are completely ignored ..my submissions arent popular anymore..no ZB songs in the NGMAG music box..No ZB songs in the weekly chart (vote lamer i h8 u =D )
I'm gonna say it...with ParagonX9 Dreamscaper ,Evil-Dog and 2 or 3 more artists i'm the most skilled Dj/musician out there....STOP

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