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It would be better if the player could look at the completed image for a few seconds before switching off to the "You won" panel. Or maybe you could have the "you won" appear in a layer above the picture.

It's a good start. Would be more interesting if there were objects to find or other characters to interact with. Eventually I deliberately jumped off the platform and that was sort of interesting.


Good job. Graphics are pleasant to look at. The very first few levels are perhaps too easy but it does become progressivly more challenging.


I like it. It would be nice if it was more like the MS version. That is, it would be nice to have the option to put down a flag on a square if the player thinks it has a mine.

tommyishere4me responds:

You can do that by pressing Space.When you press Space the first time on a node you flag it as a mine,the second time you press you flag it as a suspect mine and the third time you reset the node. Check the instructions ;) .


If a game absolutely requires space on a user's computer to be played then a popup that explains that should appear the first time a person hits the "deny" button when the game asks permission to store data on the user's computer.

it's a start

As someone who has played many versions of online mahjong it seems to me that this is a good start but needs improvement. With traditional mahjong it's clear that certain tiles can be paired but with this version there's no real reason a person would know beforehand that a closeup of the plain face can be paired with the tile that depicts the full figure.


And a refreshing change from the almost constant stream of shoot 'em up games that I see in the portal. Too bad it isn't feasible to make a 3d version.

commendable effort

It's always good to see games like this.
I like it, but have a few suggestions:

1. Give the user the option of turning off the music mid-game. After awhile the sound was distracting and not welcome but I couldn't find any button for muting the music in the game.

2. Make the coin questions progressively more challenging. After a few questions where X is the same for all the coins that add up to the given sum it would be nice to see questions that involve situations where, say, there are twice as many dimes as there are quarters. Naturally, the more challenging the question the more points a correct answer should be worth in the game.


The same horse wins in any given race; for instance, white horse always wins race #5. It would be more interesting if the outcome of the different races was randomized. Since you suggest it as a betting game, it would also be nice if the interface had a way of actually placing bets.

sound suggestion

Bad sound does detract from an otherwise nice flash. Put the following code on buttons that select incorrect answers:

on(release) {
(as well as other commands you already have on the buttons)

Glazed12Donuts responds:

Thanks. how do i re-open my flash?

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