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Joke may be too subtle for some

I can see the effort you put into this and congratulate you on getting over your shyness. Your English is fine. Don't be surprised, though, if a number of people don't quite get the connection between an individual crab and the astrological sign of "Cancer".

I look forward to seeing more of your work.


It's good to see flash on NG that isn't all about gore or sex. The images were nice and the animation was smooth (always nice to see good animation). One question- why couldn't the son give his father both the gift he had brought AND the hug?

Diives responds:

Well, the true is, it was for the twist, and for show the true meaning of Christmas most stronger. if he gives the gift to his father, and the hug, the meaning maybe would not show so strong.

Thanks for the comment :)
Happy christmas :)!


Considering that the file size is under 200Kb this is impressive. It could be fleshed out some and made longer- I'd be interested in seeing you do somethig similar with a clear story line.


Good animation, good choice of music (it would be nice to know the origin of the sound file, though). I look forward to see the continuation of this.

CrispyBangs responds:

secret of mana - the oracle

okay, but...

It would be better if the flash did not loop.

english subtitles would really help

Someone who can't read German might pick up on the basic gist of this flash, but it would help if there were English subtitles.
(Und, ja, ich lese die deutsche Sprache).

JerUSalem responds:

Yes you are right; Problem is, that it took a very long time to get it done already and it already had it own website (with its own domain), which was hacked and deleted within 2 weeks by people who obviously didn't want the content to be shown to everyone. I hope that newgrounds won't be that easy to hack. It will take a while to get it subtitled but I will try whenever I have time in between.

yes, timing can be everything

My only suggestion for improvement is to rearrange the scenes
so that the one with the head exploded doesn't show up first. On
my computer the image of the head gone and a bunch of gore was
visible for about a second while the rest of the flash loaded....which
kinda gave the joke away. Or maybe a preloader would be the
better solution.

it's okay

Graphics are well rendered though animating them would have been nicer.

preloader is all one sees

preloader bar indicates movie is loaded but the play button doesn't come up. attempt to right-click to see movie anyway gives nothing.


was there a point?

CoolDrMoney responds:

The point was to waste your time! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED :D

Seriously though if a flash needed to have a plot or point to be declared good by all, then Numa Numa wouldnt have ever gotten through the portal. So if you dont like it guess what? Others might :D

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statistical analysis

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